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Running, Rain, and Risk Management

Running in the rain can be a challenge. Some simple risk management techniques can be useful to deal with situations with a lot of rain.

Recently, Germany has been getting a lot of rain and I have been trying to schedule my runs around the rain storms.  For those familiar with risk management as defined by the Project Management Institute, there are a few different options to handle a risk once it is identified.  The four options are risk avoidance, acceptance, transfer and mitigation

Risk Transfer

Risk transfer is when you can pass the risk on to someone else or another company.  This is great for IT projects, but not really an option as a runner.  It would be great to have someone else complete my run for me, but that doesn’t actually help me with my training.

Risk Avoidance

Risk avoidance is a technique which I have been practicing the past few weeks.  I research the hourly weather charts and then try to calculate the best times to run with the lowest probability of ending up in a rain storm.  This reduces the chances that I will be in a rainstorm and getting struck by lightening.  Of course not running would allow me to completely avoid the risk, but just like risk transfer, would not let me train for my goal of running a half marathon

Risk Reduction

Risk reduction is minimizing the impact of a risk.  By wearing proper rain clothing I am able to minimize the impact of running in the rain.  I also try to reduce the risk by adhering to best practices of running in rain storms to ensure that I don’t get struck by lightening.

Risk Acceptence

Risk acceptance is knowing that when the risk occurs that there is nothing else to do. When I was five miles into my ten mile run it started to pour rain the other week.  I just embraced the rain and ran the five miles back to my start point.  Sometimes just accepting the rain on your run is the best approach.

Life is a Project!

Project Scope & Value

Sometimes I am super busy and I wonder “How will I get it all done.”. I think that Project Management principles are great to figure that out. Every project is bound by the triple constraint of cost, time, and quality.  When you write your priorities in life, it is important to periodically assess if you are applying your resources correctly. You need to determine if you are actually applying your cost and time to what you set your priorities at.  Did you say you value your family, but spend all your time at work?  Did you place your education as a high priority, but spend a lot of time watching television?  When that is the case, you need to reassess both your true priorities and where you spend your resources.

What is the cost, what resources will an activity require? What about opportunity cost?


What about my time? How much time does it take and how does it fit into my schedule?


What is the quality or value? This is the most important question. The value needs to be worth your cost and time.

Two years ago I ran a 7k race with my Brother’s family in Michigan. My Brother had not run in a long time and this was the first time his kids were exposed to this type of running before. Two years have passed and the both of our families continue to run.

The value of this family experience far out weighed the cost of a flight to Michigan or the time it took to train for the race. This is a memory that was worth the time and money.

As I make decisions in my life, large and small, it is the value that matters most. Every project manager knows that.

Life is a Project!

My Favourite Books


Books have the power to transport you to another world. Books can provide valuable knowledge for your profession or specific topics. Authors can take you back into history or the lives of others. Books have the ability to entertain you, which is always good for the spirit. Books are an essential tool to expanding your mind.

I would like to share a few books which I find very useful and I hope that you find some value as well.

Books for Work

As a project manager, no PMP should ever be without a copy of the PMBoK.   This book has been essential to me throughout my career.  When you are stuck on a project at work or home, go back to the basics.

This is an academic book on the balance between hard and soft skills in project management.  In project management, it is easy to default to the hard skills like gnatt charts and earned value, the soft skills of communications and stakeholder management are just as important.

As a practitioner in IT Project Management with a focus on Cyber Security, this book provides some great insights into the history of viruses, hacking, and other incidents in cyberspace.  This book provides specific examples of why cyber security is important to every IT Project.

This is a quick read on how to improve your public speaking.  Public speaking is an essential tool for every project manager.  This book gives a great overview to improve your public speaking.

Books for Leisure (Leadership Fables)

Every time I read this book, I am reminded of the importance of being positive and not letting negative people into the core of my life.  It is a wonderful tale about a man who realizes that life is a matter of perspective.

This book from the author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, provides the traits that he looks for in all of his staff.  I have been using this formula for the past year when hiring my staff and it has transformed my department.

Matthew Kelly provides a road map on how managers can enable and empower their employees.  The premise is that people work for their dreams and it is up to leaders to assist staff with understanding how their role assists them as people to reach their dreams.

Books for Entertainment

Mel Kelly uses a witty Irish humor to share his adventures living in Germany.  This book is a pleasure to read and will have you laughing out loud.  Slightly risque.

Simon Tofield has a popularYoutube series and the books are just as entertaining.  If you just need a few minutes to laugh and you enjoy cat humor, this book is for you.  There are multiple books from Tofield and they are all family friendly.

Life can be stressful and this is a reason way coloring books for adults have become popular.  Unplug from the screen and keyboard.  Coloring offers a tactile why to reconnect to your inner child.


Life is a Project!


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