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As 2017 winds down and we prepare for 2018 there is a lot to do with little time left. The clock is ticking, time our most precious resource. Reflect December is a great time to review what you have done throughout...
Identifying your stakeholders is critical to a successful project. Stakeholder identification may appear self-explanatory but when key groups are left out, projects can fail.  Identify your stakeholders early and capture their interests. Identification Using your project team to identify stakeholders for your...
I have been asked a lot about Prince2 versus PMI (Project Management Institute) and wanted to address the differences. I will discuss the two different providers and certificates first and then provide some things which you should consider in...
Scope creep is often cited as a reason why projects run over budget and behind schedule, but in same cases, the scope was never well defined. Capture your scope The key to a successful project is understanding the requirements and creating...
Emotional intelligence is about understanding yourself and those around you. People don't come with signs and as project managers we also have a role as project leaders.  By better understanding our own emotions and those around us we can...
updating your CV or resume can be a daunting task. When you are seeking a new position, looking for a job can take as much time as your current job. Use these tips to get noticed by hiring...
Leading your team through the summer heat can be a challenge.  The long, hot days of summer are upon us and it is difficult to focus.   How can we get through these dog days of summer? Keep it Cool When...
Taking a certification exam can be daunting, try these tips for passing your next certification!  As a marathon runner I have found that the same techniques which I use to cross the finish are also great for preparing for...
My recent contribution to http://www.engineeringmanagement.info/2017/05/why-use-both-raci-matrix-with-swim-lane.html ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT So glad to be able to share with such a great community! Both a RACI Matrix and a Swim Lane Diagram can be used to improve project team communications.  Often project managers use either one or...
My organization is currently reorganizing to include both the hierarchy, missions, and physical work spaces.  Organizational change can take people outside of their comfort zones.  Change can be distracting and projects might suffer if team members get distracted by the...



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