updating your CV or resume can be a daunting task. When you are seeking a new position, looking for a job can take as much time as your current job. Use these tips to get noticed by hiring...
Leading your team through the summer heat can be a challenge.  The long, hot days of summer are upon us and it is difficult to focus.   How can we get through these dog days of summer? Keep it Cool When...
Taking a certification exam can be daunting, try these tips for passing your next certification!  As a marathon runner I have found that the same techniques which I use to cross the finish are also great for preparing for...
My organization is currently reorganizing to include both the hierarchy, missions, and physical work spaces.  Organizational change can take people outside of their comfort zones.  Change can be distracting and projects might suffer if team members get distracted by the...
Generalities can be inclusive, but also exclusive.  I learned this lesson about six months ago from one of the most charismatic speakers in the world today, Florian Mueck, at a conference in Madrid. Florian is a professional speaker on transformational communications, author, and...
  Have you ever had a leader who said what you wanted to hear, but actually acted completely different? Authentic leaders understand the importance of not only espousing a vision, but living their vision. They practice what they preach! It is...
  Many people seem to think that transformational leadership is good and transactional leadership is bad. Business and leadership schools are constantly promoting the merits of transformational leadership and the need to provide followers with a vision and purpose.  Vision and purpose...
Many Project Managers work in matrixed organizations that require the use of human resources that do not fall directly under their supervision.  Working with peers requires a different skillset than leading team members or managing stakeholders.  Peer management requires...
Projectize your Project Meetings - Project Management Hut All Project Managers are familiar with the triple constraint of time, cost and quality/scope. Recently, while I was waiting for a meeting to start, I began calculating the cost of man hours...



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